Friday, 8 April 2011

Il have Bap textured sandwich please

So before sneaking onto the missile fly by scene here are a few stills of the texturing process with bap. Which thanks to constant art direction by simon went more smoothly than anticipated concidering I had only 2 concept pieces for reference. Through talking to simon constantly and talking over possible colours in different areas of the character as we nailed it down to the follow textures. Again as always if there was more time and reference I could have worked some more detail into Bap's textures and given him some more depth.

 Below shows a final overview of Baps topology in the form of a wireframe, showing the subdivided geometry for rendering more smoothly at 40000 polys, pre subdividing 12000 polys. We were originally going to render Bap in a non subdivided state with softened normals to take off the jaggered edges, but ended up needing to subdivide his geometry for rendering as well as texturing and this is his new wireframe. I maintained border edges to keep Baps original outline.

 Below shows a few different 3 point lighting combinations Ive also recently tried in preperation for rendering a breakdown of Bap for my showreal. This is recent work but I wanted to keep all Bap related changes to one post for now. I decided to go with the bottom right lighting for Bap as it casted some nice shadows but still highlights his features. This may change for the showreal if I can get him lit better in time but for now this will do.

And for now this is goodbye from Bap till we see some pritty renders and animation from our animators Roy, Emma and Oddne, and for now heres Bap doing the mess around and chilling while waiting to be animated.

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