Tuesday, 21 April 2009

group project team hoorah! or summin

yea back now second week in after easter feels like first but time flys which is why me and my quickly assembled group of emma producer and tom i think without knowing it is now director and matt l me and newly aquired today jonny g. emma is in charge of pre production with the rest helping it along, me matt.l and jonny on the production and dowler on the post with me emma and matt helpin out there lil bit to. anyways today me tom and matt.l and emma all went to hayle for a lil research trip and got some pointless photos and some prity good ones of the main street and old buildings from before and around that time to help us out a bit and have been conceptualising and talking about our ideas a lot together which i think is good. but will have to wait and see what concept art is produced so that me and mattl can start modelling stuff up rough which in all honesty we have allready started. but yea animatic out in to weeks time so will have to wait and see. for now some of our photos are on facebook the rest and owww textures, of metal and brick and stone are all filed away for posible use