Saturday, 11 September 2010

In the summer time

Over the summer I wanted to model and sculpt a character in mudbox. Once I started this I realised that this was quite a big task so i ended up spending most of my time just learning how to best use my graphics tablet to sculpt and the buttons and sculpting tools in mudbox. I did a lot of the modelling for the armour, belt and helmet in maya then brought them into mudbox to sculpt details into them which I enjoyed particulary with the helmet. I used the mudbox body preset for my gladiators main body so I could concentrate on the characters armour, clothes and accessories ect. I did however sculpt some muscle areas on the chect, arms, shoulders and stomach, but mainly just the areas that would be visable through the armour and clothes. As i spent so long learning the sculpting process and learning from my mistakes in terms of aproaching the sculpting of certain areas there is still much to do on the gladiator.

Below is the base mesh for the armour which I sculpted more detail into but cant find the file at the moment but I will post up when I find it.

Below is the Helmet which I spent a lot of time on playing with different helmet shapes, I still keep playing with it all the time and I need to have a clean up on the mask on the front as its all very uneven.

I still have to finish the upper body armour and the belt. I need to work into the muscles more and define them more. I need to make boots for him, shield if i am going to have one and a melee weapon of some sort, I think I want to have something a little more brutal and interesting than just a sword and shield so may make a range of weapons and see which works best with him. I also need to make some wrist armour and knee armour and maybe a arm sleave of armour. And most importantly I will need to learn and re topologise the character before I texture him. This probably wont get done now till we have handed in our major projects and i have more time available as this term im going to be fairly heavily loaded with maya work.

The following image shows how far the gladiator has come its only a mid shot has he has no underwear yet only the belt so it looks a bit silly if I showed the lot. I may make a few changes to the armour as im not sure about the shape,I was going for a early greek armour style.