Wednesday, 3 February 2010

more research

Below is the landscape research for the (space titanic) script. The first set of images are from the hubble telescope website and i just basically picked out as mant different kinda of events including nebulas which are included in the script. The second image board is inspiration i got from other concept art of space from the web.

Below is the research images for the costumes for the shakespeare period for the shakespeares code script. I tried to cover as many of the different types of characters in the script. On the first page i covered pesant clothing top of page and jailers top right and bottom left and in the middle i covered middle class and merchants. It was difficult to find a lot of research on this period other than the upper and middle classes. On the second page i covered some more pesants, shakespeares clothes and queen elizabeth 1st and witches along the bottom from images of typical witches and concept art of witches which i found particulary inspiring.
Below is the research images for landscapes for the french louis xv script which is prity much what the palace of versi where the script takes place is baised and the gardens are still intact to this day and well maintained so there was a lot of images available for this of the gardens at present. The style of the landscaping arround the palace is very specifically symetrical which was louis xv was very keen on.

Below is the research images of architecture and costumes i looked at for the chino planet.

Above are some elements of chinese fashion which i found interesting and some japanese and other oriental styles which i decided to include firstly becuase i wanted to look at the script more broadly and think of the planet as a asian planet as the cultures of japan, china and korea and other asian nations have always been slightly intermingled through out history. I particularly liked the baggy arms on the long gowns which seems to be quite popular, the main problem researching the chinese fashion was the lack of it.

The images above are research for the architectural aspects of the chino planet script drawn from many areas of china. Some of the buildings are old and some are new but this is exactly what i wanted to have a massive range of designs to use but particulary focusing on the traditional pagodas that have always lined any chinese city scape.

pre production project

After the 3 day project we had to choose from doing either a post production course where we had to produce a short filmed piece with special effects in it or a pre production bible for a script from 1 of 5 doctor who scripts. I chose to do the pre production as i feel my drawing skills is my weaker area and i could do with improving them and it would give me the oppertunity to focus on some character design i am also attending the compositing lectures as well in order to try expand some of my knowledge of this area.

In the first to weeks we had to get into groups and research all 5 of the scripts with someone directing each script and everyone else covering a singal aspect of each script covering everything from costumes, architecture, props to landscapes. As my group only consisted of three of us me, craig and emma we had to divide more of the work between us.

The 5 scripts were pompeii (ancient roman empire), turn left ( modern chino planet), shakespeare code (shakespeare period with witches), the girl in the fireplace ( louis xv period france), the voyage of the damned ( titanic styled spaceship). I was the director for pompeii and the chino planet scripts and my job was to research architecture of both and the props of the pompeii script and the costumes of the chino planet script. For the louis xv script i was researching landscapes and also for the oceanliner. In the shakespeare script i was researching costumes which i particulary enjoyed. All the other areas of the other scripts was covered by emma and craig for the purpose of the presentation.

Below is the first batch of research images i collected for the pompeii script baised in ancient rome.

The images above are of my architectural research for pompeii looking back at the kind of interior and exterior architecture within pompeii at the time and at the kind of layouts of houses throughtout the town. Most of the research is from books and some is from the internet.

Above is images of props that would be found in roman houses at the time particulary villas and the second image board is of props that would be found in markey stalls, not from the time as it was very difficult to get research images of what market places during that period of roamn history would look like, but market places on the whole never really change and you can find many traditional style markey places that would ecco that of ancient ones bar there content all around the world.