Thursday, 19 March 2009


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i was quite happy with my final animation though if i had more time i would have liked to have my animation a little longer and put some more background elements into the scene and funky lighting when i get maya i might work on this in my own time and see what i can do. also would have spent way more time to texture the 2 bigger fish which would have been good if i could have done that. anyways as soon as the blogger will let me upload my video i will gurrr

renders from my final animation

Thursday, 12 March 2009

maya hell maya heaven?

ive been working from sideviews of my concept art to get a rough shape for the three fish ive designed, its the main reason i havent blogged in a while as ive been trying to perfect the shape of my fish and the hardest bit is giving them some character. as i wanted to make them cartoon like even though done in maya i gave them big characterised eyes like as if they were done in 2d. anyways these 2 images are a working progress of the first 2 fish the big monstermuncher and the middlemuncher who now are rendered in bold colours how i want and have awesome teeth but i forgot to take a screen print of them finished yesterday so gummyfish images will have to do for now.

initial ideas

idea 1)

i thought of the food chain idea in relation to three fish eating each other in a line so the first being eaten by the second which then gets gobbled up by a third fish which then swims on for a bit chewing and then stops and burps out the chew tv logo. i thought this idea was maybe a little to litteral on the whole chew thing so i thought a bit more about some other possible ideas.

idea 2)

thinking about animals chewing i thought about curious cow that i had seen at the bradford animation festival and his crazy antics and consequences of things he shouldnt do which he does and then something funny happens to him. firstly with this i was worried that my cow would be to similar to curious cow. but the idea i thought of was the cow is stroling along the field and see's a sign with dont eat writen on it and a massive sunflower next to it. a thought bubble then pops up in his head with chew tv writen in it then he goes "mooo" and a bite mark is suddenly made in the logo and camera zooms to the logo and then scene ends. this i thought would end up to much like the concept of the curious cow despite how much i liked it.

idea 3)

i thought of all the e4 adds where eggs are being layed and logo popping out ect, i thought about chickens in a line in a hut like in chicken run or barn yard all laying eggs with the camera following along from a side view as each chicken lays an egg then one randomally lays the chew tv logo and the camera continues along as each chicken continues to lay its egg then all the chickens look back at that chicken who shrugs her wings and then looks down at the logo and camera zooms to the logo. alternately it could lay an egg and then it cracks open and logo comes out that way and then camera goes back and focuses on it then. i liked this idea a lot because it was simple and fun.

Summary. i liked all three of my main ideas but the chicken one and the fish ones i liked the most because i felt they were the most original, i decided to go with the fish one because i could potentially do more with that. i sketched up a story board, and some concept art to show the producers from chew tv who seemed happy with my idea and ive been at it the last 2 weeks since.

chew chew fish food

so long time no blog well thats because ive been berring my head in this new chew tv ident project we got given about 2 weeks ago now, we had to come up with a ident for chew tv which was in tone with thier flyers, having a space like feel with glowing blues, white and black background with a slick look about it.

my first thoughts were animals chewing things but then i thought they probably wouldnt want the obvious, so i looked at other youth aged tv stations idents for inspiration mainly e4 as i have always enjoyed watching thier idents anyways. i noticed thier idents had lots of little charactertured animals and creatures that were eating things then becoming the logo or burping out the logo or laying the logo like an egg or an egg cracking open to reveal a egg. bearing in mind e4 logo had no relation to all these ident ideas they were all totally random but seem to be a popular theme when it comes to idents, burping, farting, laying eggs funny ways to make the logo apear as i think humour is the key factor in a youth age directed ident.

Anyway with this in mind i thought out possible routes i could go. not being able to help myself my first thoughts were cheese/toast/food chain/teeth/sheep and cows chewing the logo maybe like grass/ blob made up creatures from play dow morphing into the logo.