Monday, 25 April 2011

Burn burn burn, a ring of fire.

So the last couple of things I did for the last trophy this term was some Dynamic fire for the camp scene, model and texture a gag for the apprentice in the end camp scene and finally put all the textures of matt painting by simon on planes into my camp scene, gun hunt scene and missile scene and finish any loose textures off such as the ground textures in the hunt scene and the missile and missile flyby scene. I would then hand them over to Olly for lighting. Though seeing as the animation didn't get done in time to render all these scenes for the deadline this has become more for mine, Emmas and Ollys portfolio to show off the modelling, texturing and lighting. Me and Emma have considered trying to get the film done over the summer but we will first have to get all the animation and loose files together plus many other jobs and fixes that would need doing might prove for this to be very difficult. We will try to get some of the scenes which we like rendered at least.

So getting down to my last few weeks work on the project here are some render tests that I did while trying to get a simple looking camp fire particle effect working using the visor tools once again.

I used a variety of settings to get the desired camp fire like flame. The settings that I had to fiddle with the most were the the basic emitter attributes rate (percent), density/voxel/sec, heat/voxel/sec, fuel/voxel/sec and fluid emission turbulence. Below shows the final 2 flame cycle render test on its own for the camp fire. The first cycle was to fast and to short but the second one actually feels like a burning fire, both were put together in premiere pro while at university.

After Id nailed the fire, simon asked me to model, texture and attach a gag to the apprentice rig for the end camp scene shot where he is tied to the pole and bound and gagged to draw bap out of the jungle. This only took an hr or so to model, uv and texture it appropriately and then attach it to the apprentice so that it follows his head correctly. Below is a breakdown of the modelling, edgeflow and texturing from the front and back.

Here is a quick video showing the constraining of the gag to the apprentice, if I had more time I would have added in some jiggle with a jiggle deformer. This and baps back hair are two examples I may use at a later date to help demonstrate my skills in using deformers. Below shows the apprentice gag animation constraint test.

In the next post I will round up the cleaning up of the jungle scenes adding in Simons plane textures and ground textures as well as finishing off any loose textures myself for the gun hunt and missile and missile flyby scenes.

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