Tuesday, 9 December 2008

more life drawing again!

in the last few weeks i think my life drawing has improved significantly as i have been using a looser material which was advised and i have been using my fingers to get the shading good to give the character more weight and sence of shape. the only problem is i havent improved on drawing faces that much and hands as i have focused of getting the body right at the moment, but this is something i look to improve as i draw more life drawing and people in general

3d walk cycle two

this week we were asked to do a walk of our own from a recorded walk of ours and to put some character into it, i stupidly chose to do a sanman creep which had lots of off balance poses in mine and overexadurated poses which was fun to do but i found it difficult to get the timing right and to give the walk weight by stamping the front foot down hard was a difficult thing to do, i managed to put some weight into the front foot coming down and get the general timing and overlap ok and put in some hip twist and foot twist to try and show when he goes off balance but i prob would have needed to play with the timing some more. i also put in the head movement and arms and hands and finger movements which i think all worked really well together even though he looks like he has a creepy camp walk before anyone says it. shut up its to san man massive. all in all its animation ive been most happy with but i feel i could have done better but also i feel i could have screwed it up so i decided not to play with it anymore. anyways see below

3 walk cycle one

overall i think the walk cycle had the movement of a creep but the head tilt and movement in the sholders and waist were not enough so the walk ended up looking more robotic also there was very little movement in the hands but i will take this into concideration when next doing my walk to add more minor movements to give the character more life.