Monday, 28 March 2011

Missile Jungle scene:Fire zzz missiles.

Ok so this scene out of all the scenes was the most undecided in terms of layout and shot positioning. So me and simon had a quick sit down and went over how he wanted it to be set up. The majority of the distant background in this would be matte paintings or planes of plants by simon to save on render time as the scene needed to feel very spacious and the plants close to shot would be plants that Id modelled and a few of simons. Now that I had a bit of practice at laying out the scenes in a organic way rather than as a vegetable patch, things went a lot smoother. Below are a few breakdowns of the scenes from various initial shots composed by simon and a few personal angles I liked. The scene is still work in progress and the plants where only layed out according to the rough cameras that I had been given.

 Once this scene had been roughly layed out until we got some more cameras I started finalizing the key props, such as the missile, missile crate, pocketwatch, missile controller,  hunters gun and hunters sword.

 The hunters gun I didn't have time to texture so simon textured that. I will probably texture it myself at a layer date for my own portfolio. The sword ended up not being used so only got as far as modelling and uv'ing which took one evening in total so wasn't a massive loss. The main problems overall was the lack of time and my lack of texturing experience, these where the first props I started texturing on the project, before the camp scene props. I didnt have much time to practice as I needed to get them out the way so I could move on to making the missile fly by scene. For the time and experience I had I was happy with my first few textures, first being the missile.

The model and wireframes of the gun and sword which will be textured for the portfolio when I get time.

In the next post I will cover the missile fly by scene which I will be laying out and rigging the plants for it and making the missile particle trail according to the camera shot which has been established by simon. Before that I may also have some rigging fixes that needed to be done to the hunter and weight painting fixes.