Saturday, 24 October 2009

walk hard

my walking animation this term i was quite happy with. After blocking it out and then getting the basic timing of my swanking head bopping walk i added in some hand jestures to make it more fluid which i was happy with. Though i feel i could have put much more of a emphasis on the swank and the head bopping. I tried to get the animation looping but i couldnt get him to return to the initial pose as i had key framed way to much stuff in the process. This is something im going to try watch out for when key framing in the future. I think the timing on the wink is good however and if you were to silhouet the walk you would still be able to see him with a little swanking along walk and a pointing at someone in echnoledgement.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

big Z modelling

here are some images during the making of my big Z model

the dawn of a new age...the second year !!!!

over the summer ive done some drawings while travelling abroad and about the place in my sketch book and at work drawing the odd customer. Ive taken a whole string of photos capturing the summer and some beautiful scenes home and away abroad making for great settings. Ive also finally started the maya foundation book for 2008.
Ive done the first project of making a house for big z from surfs up, which was easy but good for me to recap on my basic animating and modelling and texturing.

I then went on to model big Z from a cube to his full body shape below are some photos of the process which ive now completed with hair and all i next have to texture him. I think the model went well though the overall shape could be improved a bit more and smoothed out, also the hair is a bit wierd but for my first attempt at hair i think i did ok. Im looking forward to seeing what he will look like textured on my model.
Though with the current tasks of modelling my own face and getting back into the swing of doing a animated walk and starting a sketchbook of conversations and interaction project i will probably wont get round to texturing bigz for some time now.