Monday, 12 April 2010

and that my friend is how you flap a frubin towel

For the flags adam needed me to make, they needed to have wind to do this i had to do some ncloth tutorials that adam had brought to my attention under maya help which where actually quite useful and i managed to make about three varieties of flags. I spoke to adam about trying to make a double ended flag like a gateway style of thing with wind, but i couldnt find any tutorials for this and i tried to give it ago but maya wasnt having it the way i tried to do it, but im sure there is a way if someone finds out id be interested to know.

Below are the 3 different variations of flags i did with slight different wind on each one to suit the flag and make it flap nice yeaaaaaa.

more stress festness

The next thing adam wanted me to make was a large john peel style tent, and he gave me a few reference images for this but i needed a orthegraphic drawing really of side, front and top. so i did one of my own so i knew what the tent needed to look like and i collected some of my own research images also for this from which i found some sick designs for festival tents. I went through a process of trying a few different ways of constructing the tent and tried a few variations which i was showing adam as i modelled them and i let him decide on. In the end he chose the original design and i grouped that together to make a quad peaked tent and i jutted the peaks out to give it the cartoony effect that adam was asking for.

An Initial idea for john peel (below)

Final idea for 4 peaked john peel festival tent, different views (below)

stressss festtttt

For my third year crew assignment i was assigned to the Stress Fest project being produced by Adam Lawrence, i was assigned to do animation work, but Adam mainly needed modelling to be done, uv unwrapping and texturing.
Me and Simon A split the modelling between us, I had to do 3 different tents and a big festival tent and some flags with wind. The first 2 tents where easy enough to get the basic outline using the reference images i was provided as orthegraphic views, but refining the shape took a little more time for me as i had been doing a design project for a while previously and had not touched maya for about a month due to this.
2 man tent (below)
family tent (below) back
family tent (below) front
Once i had made the tents basic shape i added details to refine and smooth adding in ropes and pegs also and some air vents. I sent the tents to adam for feedback and he adivsed me how he wanted them to look different and i altered and added detail to suit his needs. The teepee i found particulary difficult as it was an odd shape, i had to fiddle with a lot of verticies to get there, but i did in the end get something that looked like a prity good teepee.

Next the fun part, nattt i had to learn how to uv unwrap, which i had briefly learnt in the first year on a elephant if i remember right. For the uv unwrapping this time i got a digital tutors video tutorial of a dinasour which was nice and easy for me to follow and i quickly started to pick it up again. Though i still found it difficult to figure what bits went where in places. I got simon to check everything just to make sure id unwrapped it all proper as he had more experience of it than me whichw as prity helpful. And finally i had to do some uv snapshots for the models which was easy enough once i found the button ahhhh.

UV unwrapping the small 2 man tent (below)