Monday, 19 January 2009

back to work lol

first week back has been and gone like that, struggled with the readings i did over xmas to fully take them in and understand them, the uncanny one i sort of came to grips with and i think i just need to read more in general as ive always been prity slow at it but i will have to try pick it up for the essay. tuesday we did texture modelling and even though i didnt have a computer me and jess produced a pritty good piece on maya of a 3d model. this was a interesting fun new feature to learn about but im excited abt the rendering more but this should prove for some prity fun tuesday sessions to come. wednesday did the after effects tutorial and took me forever but got it done, if i was good at learning this kinda stuff i would probably enjoy it more but i have to say at the moment this isnt my thing but in relation to film editing for the surfing movies i look to create with my raw footage from my travels during my gap yr i would be interested in using after effects for that. thursday we looked at backgrounds and i have come up witha few ideas for my first background looking at tropical enviroments and rivers. i will post somethings up once i have drawn some ideas