Tuesday, 17 February 2009

3d inspirations

I was browsing through net at cgi animated videos and i came across this video which i really liked reminded me of varmints and Les Processus. I like the idea that it shows a mass of canon and war torn city and ww1 uniformed germans and blood dribbling along the street to represent the soldiers and the tophat man resembling the general or "the man" in charge who thinks that its all fun and games and a ball dancing everywhere and when the last soldier dies at end it starts over as if to suggest all the death is just a cycle. if anyone else has any further thoughts on this i would appriciate it as i really like this film which is a student film btw. would love to make something like this for mine.

environment project

When i got round to my environments project after my essay and finishing my backgrounds i took inspiration from the games medal of honour and oblivion to create a creepy room of my own, which even though i had many little problems along the way i actually enjoyed doing more and more and it progressed. i started off with creating the polygons for the different objects i was making thinking about compersition and textures for the objects and the effect i wanted them to have on the room. i decided to go for a corridor with stone arch ways over the top which was the easiest to construct but the hardest to texture as i had to texture the faces of each stone and try get the render quality up, which i believe i did ok, but some of the stones look a little pixelated. i think i saved myself on that note by bump mapping all the stone on the arch and walls and floor but at the same time it was all a little to much, i feel i should have tuned down the bump mapping on the walls n floor. Also i was happy with the bump mapping on the barrels and the textures used for the wood tables as well, though the legs on the tables where difficult to get the correct pixelation on them, so they look like they are rotted which doesnt fit in with the table top. And the barrel i couldnt get the inside to follow contours of outside but i will look to learn this in time. other than that im quite happy with my corridor. i like the lighting and its positioning over the tables and how the mustard yellow i gave the light gave it just the right look of a candle lit corridor that i wanted.