Wednesday, 29 October 2008

squash and squeeze 3d

just kinda sorted out my squash and squeeze 3d, not sure what i done wrong at the end fiddled around with the strech in the small bounces to much. im going to try sort it out tomorrow have afiddle but i wanted to get it up online as i missed the hand in date by accident so here it is, apart from end i think the bounce has got some life in it, so im reasonably happy with it. check this out good simple stuff i wanna wanna wanna do it

3d cube man

my 3d cube mans squash anticipation is good but as he jumps he floats up to the mid point which i havent been able to correct in the first attempt but il prob correct it and upload a newer one onto moodle when i fixed the problem if i do before the hand in date. on the jump up the stretch is ok for the distance but could probably have tucked in more towards the highest point. both these problems might also be due to the fact i moved and keyframed my guy using the middle line that moves all of him which then left the line floating rather than going with his top and bottom half, i will note not to move him like this anymore. if anyone knows if this is whats prob causing the problem let me know.
on the fall the stretch is good and the squash is good and he has a nice lil wobble with a jingle of the arms and a striking pose they could however do with happening a little slower would make them look more in time with his jump.

one day i hope to achieve this lolwould be prity coolio bananas

mmm my burnt face sencing tingling

check it out simple characters crazy random adventures


For this weeks 2d animation i did 2 characters one big red and one small green. red hits green and the anticipation is good and the hit is good and the overlap is ok on red, could have probably done with a few more frames in there as his arms return to his sides. also the reaction of green when hit should have been for him to fall over judging from the power of the hit by red, and the quivering lines(dots) really should have just been lines representing extra waving arms all in one frame to give a blurr to make look like he waving his arms around trying to regain balance.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008


the anticipation and overlay look me a while to grasp but i think the anticipation and overlay and the squash at the start and end turned out good for this animation. the smoke and dust effect from the jump worked well i think to just i probably needed another frame either side of the middle highest point frame in the jump to slow the jump down a little. but i know this for next time that 3 frames will make a jump apear fast in a jump with that power in the anticipation and added those extra 2 will make the jump a bit slower. but that just notes for next time. see video below.

circle animation

my circle animation, some is missing for some reason sorry, my conclusion to the original drawing is that it didnt look right because there was to many variations in the face so it appeared to go to fast, it needed fewer variations in facial expression with more morhing from circle to face with more build up or anticipation rather than snap to each facial expression i now know this now that i have learnt and understood the principles of animation more each lesson. see video below

Wednesday, 15 October 2008


a small note abt maya, long as i can get the icon buttons down and know what each menu does using maya is fun and easy much easier than the solidworks design rubish i was using back at six form. cant wait to play with some lighting and sound. other than that maya is prity easy to learn long as i do everything methodically

principles help cont_

Question to andy or george, how come i cant upload 2 videos on one post? or does anyone else know?

the third principle was usful in giving the character more movement. from my video of my falling man yu can see there is not enough frames in the anticipation stage, i made the mistake of putting to many frames in the part just after he readys to jump and on the way down and also he doesnt squash very much. for future note i would need to give at least another 3-5 frames in the anticipation stage of the animation, probably take abt 2-3 frames out of the falling part and put about another 1-2 frames into the squash part at the end. But i understand whats required now principles wise and knowing what to do next time should help me with animating the characters better than this time see video below for my attempt at a falling man, also the top floor changes as i drew it different lengths on some drawings need to keep track of the background and landscape in my animation otherwise it will give image of landscape moving or changing. seevideo below falling man

principles help

week 3 day 2 waterboys log, now starting to grasp the idea that drawing detail isnt a key fact in animating a character or object, if the principles are followed the item in question will have a move fluid motion. with the stretch and squaze principle i found that is was the judging of voloume that was difficult as this need to be maintained, i think my bouncing ball was convincing until it squshed on the floor with to much volume giving the appearance that it suddenly got bigger. note to self that volume must be maintained. see video

Thursday, 9 October 2008

life drawing

was useful today getting back into drawing, need to work on my proportions a little n try get the whole figure in one drawing pose. great work pete the german and jonny for striking the poses. great models haha but seriously was helpful to get back into drawing the body good practice which was helpful.