Friday, 18 February 2011

Camp scene: Where the wind blows.

OK so in the following post im going to show the dynamic wind I created for the tent and the flag and mooring line. In the first video here I set up the 2 tent door pieces as ncloth and transform constrained the edges round the outside boarder. This enabled the tent door geometry to act like ncloth and drape down but remain attached to the rest of the geometry like a tent door would. I then made a trusty (donno inspired) red cube companion to simulate the apprentice opening the tent door and emerging just as a test and made it a passive collider. This was done so that when the cube emerged, the tent door ncloth would deform and move out the way, simulating how a tent door would open. Obviously this is to test and refine a nice deformation of the door through adjusting the nucleus properties. After testing different settings with the nucleus and some refined adjustments i managed to get the cloth to deform fairly nice for the first day see below.

In the second video I seperated the flag and tents main canvas onto a seperate nucleus from the tent doors. And adjusted the nucleus settings to simulate a breezy wind which I think worked ok, see below.

Later on once the shot is established and animation done for the tent opening, I will build a series of cubes and shapes over but close to the apprentices mesh and make put them on a invisible layer and constrained to the relevent joints on the apprentice. They will all be made into passive colliders for the tent door nucleus so that when the apprentice emerges from the tent with these rigid bodies attached it will appear as though he is opening the tent door. If the ncloth passes through his body or is to far away because of the rigid body shapes at any point, the rigid bodies size will have to be adjusted accordingly so the cloth falls just over the geometry of the apprentices body. I will post this later once Im able to test it with roys animation to clarify.

The last video shows a quick test of what the mooring line would look like if we decided to have it as ncloth and on the same nucleus as the flag and the tent main canvas. The mooring line had to be transform constrained to the blimp at the top and at the bottom the anchor had to be made into a rigid body so the mooring line end loop would collide with it and not pass through it. The biggest challenge was getting the mooring line to move in the wind at a believeable speed for its size so the nucleus had to have its wind speed increased, which I thought would throw out the flag and tent canvas but fortunately it looked ok, See below.

If I had more time I would have animated the blimp moving about a little to give it some sence of being anchored like a airboat. The last thing I had to do was scale the mooring line down as simon wanted it a bit thinner, which was a little problem at first but I got there after a bit of fiddling and I ended up creating a mooring line without dynamics so simon had more options. Finally caching all the animation once all three elements where how I wanted them.

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